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What to Expect

Once you have both decided that you are interested in mediation, please make contact with us to arrange an assessment meeting with each of you individually, this lasts for an hour. At this meeting you are given the opportunity to be heard and your personal needs assessed, you will be able to ask us any questions and we will explain how we work. We will assess whether your case is suitable for mediation and you can make an informed choice about the next step. If we all agree mediation is the way forward we will book in the first mediation appointment.

Mediation sessions generally last an hour and a half. On average, mediation appointments are booked two to three weeks apart. The number of sessions will depend on the number of issues you want to talk about, the complexity of the issues and how far apart you are; between five or six sessions is not unusual. Some mediations are carried out on a co-mediation basis where two mediators mediate together with you. Working in co-mediation can often be quicker than working with a sole mediator and it can be especially helpful where there is complexity or particularly difficult relationship issues.

During and at the end of your mediation sessions we will help you draw up a set of proposals and outcomes. When you have reached agreement we will then write them up into formal documents. If you wish to make your agreement legally binding you can then choose to have the documents turned into a consent order by your solicitor.

Mediation is not a reconcilliation or relationship counselling process. If your relationship is rocky but potentially retrievable, you might want to consider having relationship therapy.


Everything discussed during mediation is confidential. There are some exceptions, principally: to protect a child or adult from possible abuse or injury; any indication of involvement in terrorism, drug dealing, tax evasion, benefits fraud, handling the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

The only other exception applies if you are mediating about money or property – the subsequent written summary of your financal disclosure can be taken to your solicitors or court as necessary, this saves you the time and cost of duplicating the information.

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