Don't leave it too late Couples wait an average of six years from the time they notice a serious problem to when they get any kind of help. The longer a couple waits, the harder it is to make the changes.


of people in a relationship reported they have either physically or 'virtually' cheated on a partner or have been tempted to do so.


divorces per year.

Relationship Therapy

In an ever changing and less predictable world more and more people are experiencing relationship difficulties. The idea of working at a relationship has become unfashionable but it is the best way to give it a fighting chance. However, using the same familiar strategies you’ve always relied on may compound rather than resolve any problems.

An experienced relationship therapist can help you work through the issues and develop new strategies to build healthy relationships.

Relationship therapy is not only about couples – any combination of family members can experience difficulties linked to change, challenge, crisis or unresolved past hurts.

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