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Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

A mediation information and assessment meeting (often called a MIAM) is a meeting with a specially qualified family mediator to explore whether your issues might be able to be resolved by mediation or by any other means. Every client who expresses an interest in mediation begins the process with an information and assessment meeting and the other party is also given an opportunity to come for a MIAM, the meetings are usually held separately but you can come together if you prefer.

In addition, anyone wishing to bring a family matter before the court is expected to demonstrate that they have properly considered other ways of resolving the dispute by attending a MIAM before issuing proceedings.

If, following a MIAM, you decide that you would like to mediate then we will arrange a mediation session with you both. If, following a MIAM, you decide that court proceedings are the best way forward then we will sign the form required by the court to confirm you have attended a MIAM.

Please click here to download our MIAM information sheet for more detailed information.

Legal Aid

Alchemy is a private practice and we do not offer mediation funded by Legal Aid. But some other practices in the area do and, if you are eligible, Legal Aid is available for MIAMs. If you think you may qualify you can check at

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