“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein


one in four people have experienced the breakup of their parents' relationship.


the percentage of divorcing couples who have at least one child under 16.

Family Consultancy

Family Consultants work with individuals. couples and their families helping them to navigate their way through separation or divorce. We are highly trained professionals who work as part of a team with lawyers in Collaborative Practice who share the belief that divorcing and separating couples need support to understand and manage the emotional dynamics of their separation. If these issues are not addressed they often result in drawn out legal proceedings resulting in greater cost both financially and emotionally, as well as having a negative impact on any children.

The role of the Family Consultant is to provide short-term guidance and support that focuses on the practical and emotional issues around divorce and separation. We use many of the same skills used in therapy but our role is to help clients navigate a very difficult transition and should not be confused with a counselling session. The fact that we are also trained in mediation and are familiar with the family law environment makes us particularly well qualified to support clients through this transition. The process is flexible – we see clients individually, together, as a part of collaborative or mediation meetings, any mixture or all of these.

If you would like more information regarding Family Consultancy and how it may be helpful in your situation please call Lesley on 01892 537999 or email lesley@alchemymediation.co.uk

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